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Experience peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting the attention, love and care it deserves at Pup City Doggy Daycare. As the premier doggy daycare in Calgary, our goal is to make sure your fluffy little friend is having nothing but fun while being comfortable, safe and secure at our spacious and modern daycare. We offer your little one an enriching environment with outdoor spaces and live cameras that provide an extra layer of safety, allowing them to interact and engage with other dogs. You’ll feel at ease knowing your dog is getting the support and care it needs at Pup City Doggy Daycare!

There’s So Much To Do At Pup City Doggy Daycare

Puppy Training

Training your pup from a young age is the best way to teach them manners and positive behaviours. With our positive reinforcement approach, your pup will develop the social and practical skills to thrive in life.
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Puppy Daycare

Your puppy requires a special kind of space. Our facility will provide it for them. We can ensure your puppy gets the special care and attention it deserves within our local puppy daycare.
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Dog Daycare

With four open play areas, layered with safety measures such as full walls and floors and pet-friendly toys, your dog will have the time of its life, playing and exercising with like-minded dogs.
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From nail trims and baths to ear cleaning and teeth brushing, give your dog the makeover it deserves with our exclusive grooming treatments. Just tell us what you want, and our grooming experts will handle everything!
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Boarding & Overnights

With individual kennels, a person on-site 24/7 and routine breaks, you won’t find a better dog boarding in Calgary than what we offer. Your dog will get a good night’s sleep at our safe and secure facility.
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Pup Bus Shuttle Service

Can’t get your dog over to our facility? We offer a pet shuttle service as an optional add-on. Your dog will be safely transported from your home to the best dog daycare in Calgary: Pup City!
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A Dog’s Paradise

Scheduled Doggy Monitoring

Put your mind at ease by always having an eye on your little pup! Upon dropping off your dog, you will receive a link to your client portal, where you can view a live stream from the playpens during the day!

First Day Free with Evaluation

The first day is always tough to know how and where your dog might fit in. That’s why we’re happy to offer a free behaviour assessment. We will evaluate your dog’s behaviour to see how we can best transition them into our daycare.

Spacious Indoor / Outdoor Facility

Your dog needs room to run, jump and play - so that’s what we offer! Our facility has 3,000sq ft of indoor space, providing enough room for four playpens and a section dedicated to outdoor activities and enrichment!

Enriching Care & Engagement

We’re big on dog engagement and enrichment. Our trained and passionate dog lovers will provide quality care and activities throughout the day to keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged while improving their behaviours and manners.

Overnight Boarding Care

There is nothing worse than leaving your dog overnight by themselves. That will never happen at Pup City. Part of our commitment to your dog is that when they’re staying overnight, there will be someone there 24/7, putting your mind at ease.

Individual Boarding Suites

Your dog needs a good night's sleep like the rest of us. Thanks to our “no shared kennels” policy, they’ll get it. All dogs will have their own suite for the night, guaranteeing they get the sleep and peace they deserve after a long day of playing.
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Pup City Doggy Daycare Safety
From security cameras to expert dog handlers, we offer everything you want and need in doggy daycare to ensure your dog is safe and happy.

Peace of Mind Doggy Daycare

We get it; it can be difficult to leave your best friend at daycare. That’s why we’re here to make the transition seamless for you and your furry friend. Our trainers will take the extra step to help your dog integrate at our secure and fun-filled daycare. We separate our dogs into playgroups based on size, personality and play style, encouraging your dog to socialize and be comfortable with like-minded canines. Under our close supervision, your dog is free to play, interact and learn in a facility built exclusively for them – leaving you at peace to go on with your day!

Preparing Confident Dogs

Leaving your dog alone at home can make them feel lonely, depressed, and full of energy, resulting in them digging, chewing and destroying your home or yard. Most significantly, your dog will remain anxious and irritable when interacting with other canines and humans. Our doggy daycare offers the solution, providing your dog with a platform to safely exercise, play and engage with fellow canines while developing positive behaviours thanks to our routines and positive trainers. By attending Pup City regularly, you are raising a happy, healthy and well-socialized dog, ready to take on the world with confidence.

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What is Canine Enrichment?

Canine enrichment is the act of stimulating your dog to solve problems and challenges, which improves and enhances their mental state and capacity. Some examples include food enrichment (making mealtimes fun) and environmental enrichment (keeping the house loaded with toys).

Why Choose a No-Crate Facility?

With our crate-free facility, your dog will never experience the physical and mental frustration of being locked up or the emotional distress of being unable to express themselves. Our spacious indoor and outdoor facility ensures there is no need for crates.

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Just like us humans, dogs love the outdoors. That’s why we encourage your dog to go outside when possible at our facility. Outdoor play can reduce boredom and anxiety, and provide your dog with the stimulation, exercise and fresh air they need.

What are Structured Group Walks?

A structured group walk is when a group of dogs go for a walk together in a structured environment. There are many advantages to this unique service, such as exercise, socialization and exposure therapy. We happily offer group walking as an add-on service.

How Will My Puppy Adjust to Daycare?

We understand that daycare might be nerve-wracking for your puppy. We'll ease their anxiety by giving them time to interact, socialize and explore at their own pace to make their experience as positive as possible.

The Price of Dog Daycare in Calgary

You shouldn't have to pay over the top fees for your dog to get the love and care it deserves. Pup City is happy to offer competitive prices with dog daycare starting at only $38/day. We also offer training and add-on services, such as pack walks and shuttles.
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