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Dog Boarding in Calgary

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Our Dog Boarding Offers the Perfect 'Staycation’ For Your Pup

Give your dog the break it deserves with Pup City Doggy Daycare’s dog boarding in Calgary. Our spacious and state-of-the-art facility provides your dog with the perfect place to stay for one, two or several nights while you are away, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Not only will your furry friend get the expert attention and care from our trainers, but they’ll have fun socializing with other dogs, enjoy canine-centric activities, and have the night to themselves with our individual suites. It’s time to let your dog have a vacation of their own – save their spot at our dog hotel in Calgary! 

Open Boarding
per night
Private Suite
per night
  • Refresher Training $20
  • Medication Administration $2

    price per admin

  • In-House Food $3

    price per meal

  • Premium Treat $8
  • Pet Photography TBD

How to Prepare For Our Dog Boarding in Calgary

Book in Advance

We encourage all dog owners to book their pup’s spot well in advance. Public holidays and busy seasons might result in our spots filling up quickly, leaving your dog with nowhere to go! Reserve their spot early.

Bring Your Pup’s Special Food

If your dog has a special diet, please bring their food and treats for their stay, plus a little extra (we want to make sure they have enough). We are happy to supply foods and treats for an extra charge.

Pack Your Dog’s Toys

Make sure your dog has the time of their lives by packing their favourite toys. This will help them get accustomed to the best dog boarding in Calgary. You can also bring blankets, dog beds or mats.

Drop Them Off at Daycare

We recommend that your dog spends some time at our daycare so they get used to us and the building. We find that it makes their stay more peaceful. Just drop off your dog during business hours.

The Pup City Doggy Daycare Boarding Advantage

We know how difficult it can be for some dog owners to leave their pets in someone else’s care. We also recognize that it isn’t easy for your furry friend either. So, we aim to make Pup City Doggy Daycare a home-away-from-home for your dog! How do we do that? We slowly ease your dog into our facility, offering them comfort, support and patience, so they adjust to their new environment. Most importantly, we offer them plenty of cuddles, snuggles and love, so they feel like they’re at home with you.

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Pup City Doggy Daycare Safety
From security cameras to expert dog handlers, we offer everything you want and need in doggy daycare to ensure your dog is safe and happy.
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How Can I Help My Dog Prepare For Boarding?

Visiting the daycare facility before boarding can help your dog adjust quicker to the new surroundings, sights and smells. Similar to grooming the more your dog has exposure to it, the more accustomed they’ll be to it.

Any Tips for Boarding My Dog For The First Time?

The first step is to bring your dog to the daycare facility so they can get used to it. From there, supplying their food, toys and blankets can help them feel like they’re at home.

Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

If your dog excessively barks, howls, chews, paces or tries to escape when you leave the room, they might have separation anxiety. Undertaking puppy training can help them get comfortable when they’re by themselves.

What Happens If My Dog Is On A Strict Routine?

Inform our trainers about what time your dog eats and sleeps. We'll maintain their routine so they feel like they’re at home. We'll also allow dogs outside for a late-night potty break before going to bed for the night.

Should I Bring My Dog’s Medications?

Yes, definitely! Your dog’s health is important, so ensuring they get treatment when expected is crucial. Please ensure you provide the medication, the correct dosage and method of consumption. We are happy to administer your dog’s medication.

Can I Board My Puppy?

It depends on the age of your puppy. It’s recommended that your puppy be older than three months (12 weeks). It’s at this age that they can become slightly more independent and can associate with other canines.
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