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Puppy Training in Calgary

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Pup City’s Puppy Training Academy

Pup City’s puppy training in Calgary allows your little furry friend to learn lifelong skills that make them comfortable, safe and, most importantly, happy. By utilizing positive reinforcement, we help develop a strong relationship between the both of you, while giving them the belief to take on the world. Our Pup Academy offers various courses based on your puppy’s needs and your goals. Save their puppy training Calgary spot today. 

Bronze Puppy

4-Week Program

Silver Puppy

6-Week Program

Gold Puppy

8-Week Program

Let’s Get Your Dog Into Shape

Positive Reinforcement

We believe that positive reinforcement sets up a foundation for your puppy to be sure of itself when presented with unfamiliar and new situations. We’ll promote and establish healthy habits.

Stimulate their Body & Mind

Bored puppies, act out. It’s important to teach them what to do when they’re alone or bored. We’ll help train them to keep themselves entertained when you’re not around or busy.

Control their Reactions

Puppies bite, jump and bark when they are scared or are curious. In our supervised environment, we’ll teach them the best ways to control their emotions and interact with fellow dogs and humans.

Read their Body Language

Puppy training also helps you as a puppy parent! You’ll learn to understand their body language and ensure you both have the right tools to help continue their development together.

The Pup City Puppy Training Advantage

We understand that all puppies are different and require different training. That’s why we happily offer 3 and 5-day puppy classes in Calgary, catering to all types of furry friends. We’ll start slowly before adding more skills and added difficulty as the weeks go on. Our puppy training classes includes various sessions, such as potty and crate training, leash walking, bite inhibition, self-control and many more. You’ll always find the paw-fect training for your pup with us! 

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From security cameras to expert dog handlers, we offer everything you want and need in doggy daycare to ensure your dog is safe and happy.
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Do You Use Harsh Training Methods?

We do not! While we might be firm with your puppies to help them learn, we are never harsh or aggressive towards them, regardless if they're playing or grooming. We treat your puppies just like we would treat our own - with love and care!

What is Puppy Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is when your puppy is extremely stressed when you leave them alone. Signs that your puppy might have this include excessive barking, chewing, drooling, or urinating.

What Age Should My Puppy Start Training?

The earlier you start training your puppy, the better it will be for their long-term development. It’s recommended that puppy training starts at around 8 to 10 weeks of age. At this early age, puppies learn more quickly than ever.

How Much Sleep Does My Puppy Need?

Puppies are just like kids: they need their rest, especially after a fun day at our puppy daycare. Puppies aged six to eight months get around 16 hours of sleep, while those at 12 months + sleep 8 to 10 hours.

Which Treats are Best for My Puppy?

Look out for treats that are specifically made for puppies. It’s best for their physical and mental development. Try to avoid foods for people as they might upset their stomachs. Always serve small servings.

How Early Can You Potty Train a Puppy?

It varies from puppy to puppy, but on average, it takes between four to six months to establish a routine. Consistency and practice are the best ways you can help your puppy get potty trained in your home.
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Bronze Puppy Academy
5 Days/Week for 4 Weeks
Monday - Friday

Orientation + Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Silver Puppy Academy
5 Days/Week for 6 Weeks
Monday - Friday

Week 5

Week 6

Gold Puppy Academy
5 Days/Week for 8 Weeks
Monday - Friday

Week 7

Week 8